Wishbone has decades of live music experience. Check out our bios below:

Chris Allison: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica

A chill frontman guitarist with a passion for live performance and an imperative for rock n' roll! Cut his teeth on garage rock and has never looked back. 


Peter McKinnon: Vocals, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar

Two banks of keys, a guitar, a microphone and he brings it, along with his killer vibra-slap. He lives to perform and has the chops (and the dance moves) to back it up. 


Dave Wilson: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar

A kick-ass guitar player with a penchant for knowing what a dance crowd wants to hear! A rock n' roll catalog in his head - and oh baby, he can shred. 


Paul Wiggins: Drums

This drum doc is obsessed with drums, rock n' roll history, and making music. The doctor is on time and he’s got your prescription! 


Wendy Brown: Bass, Vocals

A music junkie of many flavours and eras. A versatile bassist with solar panel tendencies, dancing on injustice.